Keven and Karen Chavez

To Whom It May Concern,

Amaze Productions made our wedding into a first-class musical and video event filled with wonderful moments and fun we‚ll never forget. Carlos Valadez and his staff went above and beyond to create a reception that pleased us and entertained our guests. We would proudly recommend Amaze Productions for anyone looking to put on a top-notch event.

Our marriage and reception provided some challenges for our vendors. We had a short engagement period and every decision had to be made quickly. Our location was tricky Ų on the second floor with a relatively short amount of time to set up. Our work schedules meant having to meet in later hours and on weekends. We were very picky about the exact songs and visuals we wanted, and even the exact lines in each song we wanted to play at certain times. In each instance, Amaze Productions delivered in perfect fashion.

Amaze Productions is more than just an ordinary wedding DJ. Carlos and his crew put on an excellent multimedia display. They have good, new sound equipment, which worked perfectly for both our ceremony and reception. They offer projection screens and plasma TV screens, which added an exciting dimension to our reception. They have thousands of music videos, old and new, which made our dance floor more fun. Amaze Productions took our family pictures and favorite songs and turned them into a romantic visual presentation. When unforeseen circumstances at our reception site forced us to change plans on the fly, Amaze worked with us to make sure the entertainment continued without a hitch. Even the smallest details, like the cases for our DVDs, were first class all the way.

Amaze Productions offers a unique entertainment package and our wedding guests told us it was the most fun they‚ve had at a wedding. They gave us a premium wedding experience and maintained a personal touch. We remain delighted that we chose Amaze Productions for our wedding.

Keven and Karen Chavez
San Gabriel, CA